"Michelle's class was very relaxing - I felt welcomed and cared for. Michelle's style is nurturing, and she seems to have a thorough knowledge of the movements and positions and adjusted me accordingly. I felt great at the end of the class and sensed Michelle's passion for the practice of yoga"

Chrissy P- private client

"At age 48 and after quite a few years of emotional turmoil, I decided to try some yoga classes with Michelle at Karmic Yoga. From the very first class, I learnt how to breathe properly and focus on movement, I found the whole experience both calming and relaxing. Michelle’s caring nature and expert guidance allowed me to feel completely comfortable, her instructions are clear and she exudes kindness and respect for her students. 

The Tibetan singing bowls and the shavasana adjustments at the end of each class were just so soothing. 

The holistic benefits of Michelle’s classes have exceeded my expectations and I find her mobile service extremely convenient, my friends and I are grateful not to have to go out to a studio, but can enjoy this experience in the comfort of our own homes.

The benefits have been both emotional and physical…thanks Michelle!"

Kim M- private client

"Karmic Yoga's mobile service meant that I could get a group of my own friends together to really enjoy the experience, without having to join a class full of strangers.

As a person with some chronic pain and a hip replacement, Michelle was able to cater for my needs. She provided me with alternative versions of the postures so that I could participate fully, without injury.

I really loved the soothing sounds of the Tibetan Singing Bowls and found the class to be a calming way to stretch and relax.

Thanks Michelle!"


Sophia E- private client


"I've been to lots of yoga classes over the years but Michelle's was unique in many ways. Starting with Tibetan singing bowls and a theme topic opening with a beautiful message, it was like the bonuses came at the start before we'd even begun the yoga. Very personable and warm in her approach, Michelle was very attentive to each person, always giving the right options for different poses. I would highly recommend Michelle's yoga especially for the spiritually inclined."

Maria L- private client