Karma yoga is the path of action, of service.

Karmic Yoga


Small group and private classes take place at the Karmic Yoga Studio at Eastcourts Tennis Centre, Kingsford by appointment.

Michelle also teaches:

Thursdays at 11.30am

Des Renford Leisure Centre, Maroubra


Mondays at 7pm

Sunday 4pm (alternating)

The Juniors Gym, Kingsford.

Michelle Feng

is a Level 1 certified yoga teacher who completed 350hr Advanced Teacher Training under Idit Hefer-Tamir and Katie Manitsas at Sukha Mukha (lineage Laughing Lotus and Jivamukti).


She completed 100 hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Mel McLaughlin of The Yin Space (lineage Paul Grilley).

She is also a certified Pilates Instructor (Studio Pilates) and Level 1 Reiki practioner.



"Start for the physical, stay for the spiritual"

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